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Connectivity is perhaps the most critical aspect of being on the internet. We operate a solidly-built network based in Orlando Florida. Situated in Kissimmee Florida we are connected via three internet pipes which connect your VPS server to the rest of the world. Unlike other ISPS which may have a series of T1's (1.544mbit/sec), our connection to the internet comprises of a full OC-12 (655mbit/sec) SONET connection to UUNET, as well as a gigabit ethernets (1000mbit/sec each) to Time Warner Telecom.

We offer Ultra Fast Servers connected via Redundant, High-Speed Fiber-Optic Backbones from Tier 1 Bandwidth Providers.

Time Warner communications- Time Warner Telecom is rated the #1 Commercial ISP in the USA by Network Magazine. Their massive network infrastructure, with over 17,000 route-miles of fiber, allows peering with a high percentage of Residential connections (Your customers!).

UUnet fiber- UUNET with over 98,000 route-miles of fiber connecting 87,000 buildings, it is by far the largest and fastest fiber-data network on the planet!

Cisco powered network- Our Cisco Certified network Engineers are ON-SITE 24/7 to handle any network issues that may arise (i.e. Denial of Service attacks, connectivity issues, etc)

Bottom line: PIEHosting.com has more-than-adequate redundancy and speed to maintain the ultimate level of performance and reliability YOU DESERVE!

Our entire staff works IN HOUSE and within working distance of our equipment. While our competitors need to dispatch an admin 20 miles to repair a server problem, we have it fixed within minutes! Do not trust your uptime to a company that does not have PHYSICAL ACCESS TO THEIR EQUIPMENT.

Note: Since PIEHosting.com does not have our own Data Center, the description above is taken from our provider.

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